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Restore DotNetNuke to local development

After long time not touch DotNetNuke (DNN), in this time I must touch it. DotNetNuke is a content management system (CMS) for websites, easy to use and highly extensible, with lots of add on modules. It  is CMS like Joomla in Open Source, but DNN is written using Asp.net framework.

I must study this stuff again, a zero to hero. Some of them i.e Restore DotNetNuke to local development and upgrade DotNetNuke version to the new one. For restoring DotNetNuke to local development, it is from production for debugging some bugs or problem especially if using third party modules or custom modules. If we do it in production server, very risk. After restoring it, we try to access from browser using localhost URL, it will always redirect to the URL in production server. Very annoying isn’t?

Well, just to the point, step by step are:

Restore your dnn database to …