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Windows 8 ERROR “There are no images available.” on WMware Installation

Today, in my freetime after long time in my busy day in project and study, I try to install Windows 8 in my PC. It looks very different from the Windows version ever, box and colorful, is very similar to the latest version of windows phone 8. I install it in VMware. It is need time to download the ISO file because the size’s about 2.5 Gb. You can download Windows 8 evaluation from Microsoft Site or from DreamSpark if you are a student where can download Microsoft software at no cost.

Ok, now we focus to Windows 8 installation process in VMware. There is a little problem, when windows setup process “No images are available.”. After searching for a few time which cause it, it is because autoinst.flp (floppy image file) in virtual machine settings. The quick and …