Windows 8 ERROR “There are no images available.” on WMware Installation

Link... on the 10th day of January, 2013

Today, in my freetime after long time in my busy day in project and study, I try to install Windows 8 in my PC. It looks very different from the Windows version ever, box and colorful, is very similar to the latest version of windows phone 8. I install it in VMware. It is need time to download the ISO file because the size’s about 2.5 Gb. You can download Windows 8 evaluation from Microsoft Site or from DreamSpark if you are a student where can download Microsoft software at no cost.

Ok, now we focus to Windows 8 installation process in VMware. There is a little problem, when windows setup process “No images are available.”. After searching for a few time which cause it, it is because autoinst.flp (floppy image file) in virtual machine settings. The quick and easy fix is to just turnoff autoinst.flp by going to edit setting and click on floppy then uncheck Connect at power on. Then restart. Done.

There are no images available.

  turnoff autoinst.flp

And finally, just enjoy Windows 8!!
Windows 8

Windows 8