“Better to do something than nothing”, proverb said.

Introduce me, my name is Jontri Pakpahan. I am a Software Developer from Jakarta. Currently, I am working in information technology company, Plasmedia. My expertise is in Microsoft Technology, such as C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint etc.

Not only that, I can also do the others. Open Source like PHP, JAVA, CMS like Joomla, WordPress, DNN, Drupal….. ok lah not matter. You can contact me.

You like futsal or PES, let’s play it. Currently my home base in Depok City :D

You can see my professional profile in Linkedin.

I use this site as place for me  to write every things what I am thinking and when I like to write. Yeah… a place to remember and also shortcut for me for something like link or url for surfing in Internet. Like or not, this is my place!!!

You have or want a business with me, just contact me or send me a message:

e-mail ( jontriphan@gmail.com), YM ( jontri_coen), GTalk (jontriphan), twitter (@jontriphan)