Delete Recent Sites Opened in SharePoint Designer 2010

Link... on the 22nd day of June, 2012

If you are a SharePoint developer, at least you’ll be using Sharepoint Designer to design and customize the web or portal that you are developing. Every you open a site using Sharepoint Designer and then open a different site, you can see the list or history recent of site that ever opened. But you do not want the site you open appear at the list of recent sites, especially if the site is a site that has url address on the production server. We must remove the site url address of history Sharepoint Designer to avoid things that are not desirable or we do not want what we do appear at recent history site Sharepoint Designer.

Below the way to remove or to delete that Recent Sites on SharePoint Designer 2010:

Open SharePoint Designer 2010.

  • Click Open Site button on Open SharePoint site and the new window to open site will appear.
  • On the new window, you can see all of lists of recent sites url which ever opened.
  • Select site url that you want to delete, then right click.
  • Choose Remove option and click on it.

  •  Confirmation dialog box will appear and choose Yes.
  • Site url has been deleted.
  • Finish
  • To make sure, open again SharePoint Designer and check it.